Sponsoring Volunteer Group (if applicable): AWWAIndia Association & International Council (IC)
Webinar Date : October 19, 2022
Time : 4:30pm Indian Standard Time

Water Reuse in India

Program Description : This webinar will be on water reuse

Recycled water is one of the largest new source of water for regions that may lack long term availability of replishenable water resources. The sources of this water include storm water, municipal and industrial wastewater; and gray water that are treated to meet a specific water use and demand. This may include treatment to meet the needs of industrial water; cooling water for power generating facilitites; irrigation; ground water acquifer recharge as well as for drinking water. The treatment of such water sources usually require a multi-barrier approach which often include a variety of different chemical, physical and biological treatment practices.

List three to five learning objectives.

  • Understanding of the principles and practices of water reuse
  • The role that regulations play in the acceptance of water reuse
  • Design Considerations and best practices for water reuse treatment facilities
  • Current state of water reuse case study in India
  • How to win consumer confidence in Water Reuse.


  • Welcome – Mr. Uday Kelkar (3 mins)
  • Water Reuse: Drivers, Issues and Treatment – Dr. Joe Jacangelo (20 mins)
  • Advanced membrane based solution for recycle and ZLD with a sewage case study – Mr. Nandan Shashikant Prabhune (20 mins)
  • Direct potable and indirect potable reuse: a case study - Mr. Daniel Nix (20 mins)
  • Panel Discussion – moderated by Mr. Uday Kelkar (25 mins)
  • Closing Remarks - Mr. Uday Kelkar (2 mins)

Speaker Information


  • Name : Mr. Uday G. Kelkar, P.E., BCEE
  • Company/Organization : NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Occupational Title : Managing Director
  • Email : uday@njsei.com
  • Short Speaker Bio (2-3 sentences) :
  • Mr. Kelkar has more than 28 years of experience in the field of environmental engineering. He holds a B.E. in Civil Engineering from College of Engineering, Pune, India and Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Civil/Environmental Engineering from, Virginia, USA.
  • Mr. Kelkar is the Managing Director of NJS Engineers India (a wholly owned subsidiary of NJS Co. Ld., Japan). He has worked on a number of design/engineering projects and/or studies in water and sanitation sector in USA, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India. His specific experience includes; advance treatment processes including nutrient removal, membrane bio-reactors, membrane tertiary treatment process, advance oxidation and disinfection with Ozone and UV, seawater & Brackish water desalination, recycling/reuse of wastewater for non-potable and indirect potable use, and water quality modeling.

Speaker #1

  • Name : Dr. Joespeh Jacangelo
  • Presentation Title : Best Practices in Water Reuse
  • Company/Organization : Stantec
  • Occupational Title : Vice President & Director of Research and President of AWWA
  • Email : joseph.jacangelo@stantec.com
  • Short Speaker Bio (2-3 sentences) :
  • Dr. Jacangelo is the Vice President and Director of Research at Stantec and an adjunct faculty member at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health He is currently the President of American Water Works Association. Dr. Jacangelo has over 30 years of experience in the areas of water quality and treatment, water reuse and public health. He is also a past Chair of the Board of Directors of the WateReuse Research Foundation. Further, he has served as Chair of both the Technical and Education Council and International Council of AWWA.

Speaker #2

  • Name : Mr. Nandan Shashikant Prabhune
  • Presentation Title : Advanced Membrane based solution for Recycle and ZLD with a sewage case study
  • Company/Organization : Thermax Gloabal, India
  • Occupational Title : Head, Water Business
  • Email : nandan.prabhune@thermaxglobal.com
  • Short Speaker Bio (2-3 sentences) :
  • he has served as Chair of both the Technical and Education Council and International Council of AWWA.

Speaker #3

  • Name : Mr. Daniel Nix
  • Presentation Title : “Direct Potable and Indirect Potable Reuse: A Case Study" – Wichita, Texas, USA
  • Company/Organization : City of Wichita Falls, Texas, USA
  • Occupational Title : Opertions Manager
  • Email : daniel.nix@wichitafallstx.org
  • Short Speaker Bio (2-3 sentences) :
  • Daniel Nix is the Utilities Operations Manager for the City of Wichita Falls, where he has accumulated 35 years of experience in Water and Wastewater Treatment. Daniel graduated from Midwestern State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences and holds licenses in both Water and Wastewater Operations from the State of Texas.