About Us


  • In 2006, a few Indian water professionals attended AWWA’s Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE 06) in the city of San Antonio, Texas, USA in June 2006. President Terry Rolan and incoming president Nilaksh Kothari welcomed the Indian delegation warmly and listened patiently to the challenges of the Indian water scenario.

  • The Indian delegation then only knew that American Water Works Association (AWWA) is the oldest and largest organization of water professionals. And somehow, historically AWWA was connected and had facilitated achieving safe and 24X7 drinking water supply in North America

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The Indian delegation was a bit overwhelmed (and a bit overawed) by the simplicity, and professionalism of the water professionals at the AWWA conference. The Indian water professionals soon realized that there was an unwavering commitment and passion for safe drinking water, globally.

From 2006-2014 AWWA presidential officers, CEO, Staff and volunteers visited India. During these visits they met water professionals, academicians, municipal and Govt. Authorities, operating staff, and visited water supply schemes to get themselves acquainted with the Indian water scenario.

In 2015, AWWA established the first community of water professionals of AWWA outside North America. This was established in Mumbai as AWWAIndia to promote knowledge transfer on the delivery of reliable water supply to Indian Citizens. To begin with AWWAIndia had a strategic Board consisting of a Chairman and four directors. The Board was administratively supported by a contracted third party in Mumbai. In the years 2015-2020 AWWAIndia held conferences, seminars, mutual visits, training programs, and webinars on multiple different aspects of water supply, treatment and delivery. In March 2020, the COVID pandemic resulted in an end of most activities of AWWAIndia.

In early 2021 through various discussions there was a mutual consent that AWWAIndia water professionals were ready for self-governance on a volunteer based structure.

In November 2021 “AWWAIndia Association” was established as a not-for-profit organization with its own membership, Board of Directors and committee structures for Indian water professionals residing in India. AWWAIndia Association (AIA) will be financially independent through its own governance and meet the requirements of the Government of India for a not for profit organization. AIA members will continue to receive the benefit of readily available technical knowledge of AWWA, along with many benefits tailored specifically for India.

Fifty to seventy years in the future India should achieve the same status as that of North America for safe and reliable water supply for its citizens. By then AWWAIndia Association would have played a major part by providing a platform for all water professionals and other concerned about securing our country’s water resources. As students of the eastern philosophy thoughts of majority of water professionals then would be, “Definitely not a choice” but “A fate or a Destiny”.

AWWAIndia Association looks forward to welcoming all water professionals who care for protecting and securing one of the most important resources of India – water.

Vision of AWWAIndia Association

“Better India Through Better Water”

Strategic Objectives of AWWAIndia Association

AWWAIndia Association has established the following objectives:

  • Increase opportunities to create, exchange and transfer knowledge and build capacity to improve the operations of water systems in India.
  • Support certification/licensing of water professionals from engineers to operators.
  • Leverage resources to provide greater value to water professionals in India.
  • Work in partnership with the public and private sectors to advance and enhance policy development for the water sector in India.